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This Rule of Five Exclusive Offer is designed to help you best achieve your wellness goals efficiently and with greater focus + discipline by co-creating a simple in-studio treatment plan with us that works best for you + following through with treatments for five consecutive weeks.

Are you looking to increase your range of motion and flexibility? We can focus on that! Are you looking to decrease pain and tension? We can focus on that too! Feeling stressed, fatigued, and irritable? We can integrate energy work, meditation, and the application of essential oils + crystal bathing into your therapies based on what works best for you!

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Big News! We have moved!

Photograph courtesy of Troy Hayes

Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology is evolving!

Our Bangs Avenue, Asbury Park-based practice has officially relocated to a larger workspace (complete with two therapy rooms, one classroom + a reception area!) at 200 Atlantic Avenue, Suite M, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

Bell Works Fresh 2020 Market Dates Announced!

Simply show up and sign-up for complimentary services the day of the market. Remember to arrive early to secure your time slot! Bell Works Fresh Market is located at Bell Works, 101 Crawfords Corner Road, Holmdel NJ 07733.

  • Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 12-5PM – Complimentary 15-Minute Traditional This Yoga Massage on the mat.
  • Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 12-5PM – Complimentary 20-Minute Reflexology for face, scalp, and feet on the table.

The NEW Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology MASTERSHIP – The Self Mastery Classroom Series

Join us in our new classroom space! Save the date and/or register today for the events below via Eventbrite, where applicable. All Eventbrite links, class details, and teacher bios will be uploaded here as I receive them.

Self Mastery starts with You, right here, right now. Show up for you. All are welcome. No previous experience required.

NEW Location – Maitrisage Massage + Reflexology – 200 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan, NJ 08736.

Multi-Sensory Sound Healing – Sound Healing Meditation – Bridget Lyons, a Certified Sound Healer, will guide you through a vibratory journey into a deep meditative state using the sounds + vibrations of crystal singing bowls, a crystal pyramid, drums, chimes, and other healing instruments. These energies work together to heighten awareness, release physical, emotional, and cellular blockages, and create a deep sense of relaxation, while reducing stress and anxiety, leaving you with a deep feeling of peace.

Sorry, no children under the age of 13. 

Essential oils and sage will be used during the class. Please tell Bridget if you have sensitivities to scents.

Space is limited for this intimate sound healing experience. Only 6 spaces are available. Spots fill up quickly — sign up today.

***Please wear comfortable clothing + bring along a meditation cushion, pillow, and/or blanket so you can create a cozy nesting space for receiving during the class.

Quiet Movement – A NEW Dance Medicine Series W/ Magi – With a low volume of rhythm and beat, we gather to experience devotional honoring, a celebration of allowing, and our innate ‘freedom to be.’ Join us as we come together to hold a collective intention to cultivate a deeper relationship with the four energy bodies of Self – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. Tap into your intuitive expression, inspired by the elements, nature’s cycles + seasons, and the body’s chakras. In sacred space, we move in circle with breath awareness and free-form intuitive movement. Remember – Motion is e-motion. We will release and fill, and ebb and flow together for wellness. Each class will close with a guided stillness integration.

Magi combines her passion for sharing self-healing and self-awareness techniques with her love of dance and music. She brings a fun, lighthearted ease to this practice of self-appreciation and celebration of life. Magi encourages acceptance and allowance of wherever you are on your path. With a carefully selected playlist of multi-cultural music, the rhythms bring you on a cyclical journey, de-stressing from the day, focusing on the breath, warming up the body, exploring the connection between the chakras and elements, and closing with a rejuvenating final relaxation. With no steps to learn, Magi’s suggestion of positive visualization stimulates creativity and imagination so you can allow your body to move to music with instinctual, intuitive action

 Only 3 spaces are available. Spots fill up quickly — sign up today.

***Please arrive five minutes before class start time. Wear comfortable clothes with layers for warm up and cool down. Prepare to dance barefoot or in socks. Bring water to stay hydrated.

Magi’s Contact Information:
Insta: @loveurtigerlight
Private/group sessions are also available for booking.

Cha Dao – ‘The Way of Tea’ Tea Ceremony W/ BELLASAMADHI – Join BELLASAMADHI for a special monthly meditation with tea for the new Maitrisage MASTERSHIP – The Self Mastery Classroom Series, at its new location in Manasquan, NJ.

Here you will delve into the ancient art of tea ceremony, also known as Cha Dao, or “The Way of Tea.” “The Way of Tea” is a practice gently guided by nature and your senses to facilitate deeper self-awareness, while also promoting the release of stress and anxiety. It is one of the best and most simple practices that can be performed every day as a personal meditation, or as a group for a more synthesized and shared sensory journey. Join us as we experience the everyday beverage of tea in a ceremonial way. This classroom is geared towards beginners, so please feel free to ask any and all questions during the Q&A portions of the session. Sign up early at the Eventbrite link or email michellerusso@bellasamadhi.com. We look forward to sharing many cups of tea with you!

Seasonal ceremonial-themed gifts will also be available for purchase for the holiday season.

BELLASAMADHI returns back to the alchemy and artistry of living. With the goal of assisting you with integrating life in a way that is grounded, healing, and magical.

“When people ask me what the purpose of BELLASAMADHI is,” founder and artist, Michelle Russo, states, “I firstly point to the two words of the name, BELLA and SAMADHI. It was both random and intentional how those two words fused together. Random in the sense that it was during a hike in 2013 when the name came to mind. Intentional in the way that the word became less of an artistic alias, and more of a north star for living. Samadhi is a sanskrit word for the union of soul and spirit, or the ego with the infinite. It is a word most closely associated with yoga and meditation practices, but my intention has been to broaden it to include things like caring for myself, raising a family, or making a pot of tea. Could I uncover more inner clarity while making a pot of tea, or deep in a stressful situation? Sounds crazy to ask, but this is the kind of stuff many of us experience every day. I was blessed to learn from many amazing teachers in this lifetime, of all walks of life. Traveled to Taiwan to learn more about tea ceremony. Sat with shamans responsible for upholding centuries of ancestral wisdom. Attended numerous workshops with famous authors & teachers. Nevertheless, I always kept in mind that the teaching was not worth much if it couldn’t be applied every day. I was often left with a void within if the experience was more of a boutique getaway, or a noteworthy instagram picture. Either I didn’t understand the teaching, or there was something insincere about the experience. It took a while, but eventually I realized that the point of it all was to trust myself. That the outside reflected all that was inside of me. So when it came down to curating and expanding the offerings for BELLASAMADHI, I wanted to share a fusion of the best practices that offered me this wisdom in the most authentic way. That were applied whether I had one dollar, or ten thousand. That didn’t feel preachy, or with the intent of addressing some lack within. My goal is to help you uncover the unique magic already within you that will trickle down, even and especially for those less-than-stellar days. To assist you in getting to know all aspects of yourself, and life, in a deeper way. That fuses together the BELLA, or beauty that is uniquely you, with the SAMADHI, or the infinite wisdom available for all.”

Only 8 spaces are available. Spots fill up quickly — sign up today.

Meet the newest addition to our Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology MASTERSHIP – The Self Mastery Classroom Series – Hailey Fromkin, certified Authentic TantraⓇ Practitioner and sexologist. See class list below to register for her upcoming classes.

Meet Our Newest Instructor:
Hailey Fromkin is a certified Authentic TantraⓇ Practitioner and sexologist.
As a life long seeker of knowledge, truth, and health, Hailey comes to Tantra with a diverse educational background, 10+ years of embodied healthy living, and an inquisitive heart. Her enthusiasm for travel and cultural exploration has gifted her with a broad perspective and compassionate understanding towards people from all walks and stages of life, something that fuels her passion for and belief in spreading Tantric medicine to every person. Through practicing Authentic TantraⓇ, Hailey has experienced first-hand its powerful healing. She brings youthful passion to guiding people towards cultivating deeper connections, developing mindfulness, and expanding pleasure both as individuals and within their relationships.Her compassionate and nurturing approach welcomes people into a safe environment, one for learning, healing, and self-exploration. Currently residing in Princeton, New Jersey, Hailey facilitates local holistic healing workshops as well as offers private coaching for individuals and couples locally and globally.

February 2020

  • Thursday, February 27th 7-8PM Quiet Movement W/ Magi; $22 Offering
  • Friday, February 28th 7:15-8:15PM A Taste of Tantra – An Introduction To Authentic Tantra With Hailey Fromkin; $17 Offering

March 2020

  • Friday, March 6th 7:15-8:15PM Tibetan 5 Elements With Hailey Fromkin; $22 Offering
  • Wednesday, March 11th 7-8:30PM Cha Dao – ‘The Way of Tea’ Tea Ceremony W/ BELLASAMADHI; $20 Offering
  • Thursday, March 12th 7-8PM Quiet Movement W/ Magi; $22 Offering
  • Friday, March 13th 7:15-8:15PM Couples Connection: 5 Principles of Sexual Communication W/ Hailey Fromkin; $40 per couple; Six couple maximum.
  • Thursday, March 19th 7:15-8:45PM Pleasure As Medicine With Hailey Fromkin; $17 Offering
  • Friday, March 20th 7-8PM Multi-Sensory Sound Healing W/ Bridget Lyons; $25 Offering
  • Thursday, March 26th 7-8PM Quiet Movement W/ Magi; $22 Offering
  • Friday, March 27th 7:15-8:15PM Yoni Yoga & Pelvic Floor Exercises With Hailey Fromkin; $22 Offering

***More classes to be added to the schedule as we find our bearings in the new location! Stay tuned!

Podcast showcasing Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology has posted to YOUTUBE.com.

G$ And The Godmother Podcast Series – Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology

Listen and/or view Episode 2 of the G$ and The Godmother Podcast Series in which we discuss my Why and my unique approach to massage therapy, client care, and business.

Testify! – Client Testimony

“As an athlete, I know that dedication to a comprehensive training plan is the most important factor in achieving success. And as a physical therapist, I have a good understanding of movement, sport, and recovery. That is why, as I prepared for my first triathlon in over six years, I wanted more for myself than exercise, food, and sleep. Adding regular (Traditional) Thai Yoga Massage gave me the edge I was looking for.

Keli kept my muscles and joints limber and ready for training and competition. Her caring sessions always left me feeling prepared to perform at my best and supported my first ever, first place age group finish in my career. Amazing! Thanks, Keli. You’re the Best!” – Arthur Veilleux, Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology client upon coming in first place in the men’s 65-69 age group during One More Tri – An Aquathlon, Half Marathon, Duathlon Triathlon, held in Asbury Park NJ on September 8th, 2019.

Interested in adding Traditional Thai Yoga massage to your exercise/athletic training regimen? Book your first Traditional Thai Yoga Massage today.

Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology is a massage and bodywork practice, owned and operated by NJ Licensed Massage Therapist Keli Skellinger and located in Suite M, 200 Atlantic Avenue, Manasquan NJ 08736.

Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology offers Therapeutic Massage, both Swedish and Deep Tissue, Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Bamboo Fusion Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and Cupping.

We create a safe space for clients to holistically heal through touch. We know the importance of listening to you. Each therapy session is designed with your individual needs in mind.

Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology utilizes the doTERRA essential oil product line for aromatherapy during therapies and promoting self-care. doTERRA essential oil products and accessories can be purchased through Maitrisage at www.mydoterra.com/Maitrisage. Please contact Keli directly at keli@maitrisage.com to inquire.

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