Meet The Therapist

Keli Skellinger is a freedom seeker and a forever student of her work.

She prides herself on her intuitive ability to attentively and objectively hold safe space for others to holistically heal through touch. Her massage and energy practice is meditative in nature and personalized to meet the needs of each client.

Keli believes that in order to return the physical body to its natural state of homeostasis (or balance), the emotional body, mental body, and energetic body must all be addressed.

Keli is the owner and operator of her Asbury Park-based private massage therapy practice, Maitrisage – Massage + Reflexology. She is a Reiki III practitioner, a doTERRA Essential Oils Wholesale Coordinator, American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) NJ Chapter Board Secretary, Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) Writing Group Author, Editor and Blogger, and creator of the acclaimed Sukha Self-Care Series and The Goddess Workshop Series.

Keli recently spent the month of January in Chiang Mai, Thailand studying Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and is looking forward to traveling more in the near future. 

She currently resides in Ocean Grove, NJ, with her tuxedo cat, Pontious Pilot. She loves getting lost in a good book, walking to work, gardening without gloves, sleeping in, and waking up to Krishna Das radio, a morning mantra, and a daily offering of incense. She is obsessed with all things Goddess.

Contact Keli at the following:

Instagram – maitrisage

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