Massage Therapy Benefits


The benefits of massage therapy are practically endless.

Touch has the potential to positively affect all body systems –

  • the muscular system,
  • the skeletal system,
  • the cardiovascular system,
  • the respiratory system
  • the digestive system,
  • the nervous system,
  • the endocrine system,
  • the lymphatic system,
  • the immune system,
  • the reproductive system,
  • and the urinary system.

Some of the benefits of massage therapy include –

  • a reduction in stress and anxiety,
  • the promotion of positive body image through establishment of the mind-body connection,
  • an increase in relaxation,
  • a decrease in muscle tension and pain,
  • a strengthening of elongated and weak muscle,
  • a lengthening of short and tight muscle,
  • an increase in range of motion (ROM) and flexibility,
  • an increase in blood circulation,
  • an increase in lymphatic flow,
  • rehabilitation of muscle and tissue injury,
  • adjustment of poor posture,
  • the promotion of deeper, easier breathing,
  • and a return to wellness and good health.